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User guide for Trend Micro Maximum Security:

If you have already installed the program, please enter the license key directly.

If not, Method 1 we Recommend: register first and then download the latest version from your user background management page

1st, Register your product:

After registration, Do not stay, please go to the second step to login.

2nd, Login with your existing or just created trend micro account, download the latest version of the software.

Method 2: Download full installation package:

For PC:(Trend Micro Maximum Security 2020)

For PC:(Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021)

For MAC: (Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac 2020)

For MAC: (Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac 2021)

For mobile: (Trend Micro Mobile Security) Can also find it on the “App Store” or “Google play store”.

Trend Micro official technical support(User Guide, easy setup or Any difficulty in use):

Trend Micro:

7X24 problem-solving guarantee

Due to system errors or theft may occur with low probability, a very small number of license key may appear ” The key not available ” , ” Others have registered ” or ” Insufficient user usage rights ” . If you encounter one of those situations, Including all the problems you have encountered please don’t be angry and worried at all. Just send your license key to us by AMAZON message or We will verify and give solutions in 12 hours (Including holidays ) such as issuing a new key to you immediately. We provide Worry-free return, refund service. We guarantee not to sell any fakes, used or pirated software. The software subscriptions you receive will be guaranteed to be genuine, new and full validity period. Our belief is after-sales service is higher than the product itself.

5 thoughts on “Download url

  1. Спасибо за информацию!!!!!

  2. I have no idea whether this product was installed. I bought it and the instructions indicate that windows should reveal steps that may or may not have occurred. The user guide could not be found with the instructions given. Very frustrated with the product and I don’t even know whether the protection is active.

    1. We have seen your request. Do you want to install it on your PC?

      Direct download url:

      Official installation guide:

      Step by step to teach you to install

      just click it

  3. I can’t register my account. It’s so fustrating I’m ready to send back to Amazan. It should not be this difficult to install!

    1. Please visit Official installation guide:

      Step by step to teach you to install

      or Contact us directly “” with your license key. We help you to register your account and bind your license key. You can log in directly to download the latest version of the software and install it.

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